Mountain biking, Prescott

Mountain Bike Ride/Good bye Jack Snack


Many of you know that Jack and Kathryn McCormack are moving to Hawaii.
We wanted to at least say good bye and tell Jack how sad we are for him having to live in such terrible conditions.

Here is the plan.

Meet at Granite Basin Road and Iron Springs at 3:00 for a ride through the pines and over the 332 to Granite basin then down the road to the cars.

We will then meet at the Hong Buffet at 5:00 for a good bye Jack snack.
The Hong Kong buffet is around $9.00 per person.

If you need info. Feel free to call me 710-0750

Hong Kong Buffet
(928) 708-1680
520 Miller Valley Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301

canoing, rivers

Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

I just learned while traveling back on our canoe shuttle from the river outfitter something that caught my attention.

He told me that California has purchased 80% of the water rights to the water that comes out of Hoover dam.

Since they have, he told us that the lake is 50% lower than it was a decade ago.


The white line is the former water lever since the water purchase.


The post emergent stream.

canoing, rivers


Here are just a few photos of our canoe trip on the Colorado river this past week.

My friend from Missouri Mike Ketcherside and his nine year old son River went with us on the trip.

We put our canoes in just below the Hoover dam. Here is a canoe’s eye view of the Hoover dam rising some  1100 feet above the water.



My son in law Adam had a great time on the water.


Another canoe’s eye view of the new bridge that will replace the traffice flow on the Hoover dam.


Taking a break in Gold Strike Canyon.


These ducks followed us the entire trip.



The Colorado river will take me a lifetime to discover. And even then it will offer so much more to explore.

Great trip, can’t wait to take Brenda next time.