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Tomorrow is Sunday and I will have two services @ two locations for anyone who wants to attend either.

The first service is rather conventional, traditional and has seats –  it starts @ 10:00 am and is held @ 1455 Willow Creek road here in Prescott Az.

The Second site is @ 7,200 feet at the top of Granite basin and will not be typical, traditional or conventional….It has no seats but a really good view.

Here is a pic of our location of our Sunday afternoon worship service. (no fried chicken allowed).

Pretty nice temple  right?

Desire – We are going to meditate on the word  “Selah”  when we reach the top of the peak.

Destination –  The scenic, tranquil, Prescott National Forest. –  We will unplug from the fast-paced life in an effort to slow down, relax, connect with each other and listen for the voice of God.

The “service” won’t be lengthy and we won’t even take an offering…..but we will reflect on some amazingness of God’s handiwork and artwork.

Details – We leave Granite Basin/Iron Springs parking lot at 3:00 and  commute to the trail head area to save on parking fees.

The eight mile hike round trip will require you to be self contained with plenty of water and snacks. (remember it will be hot in the afternoon.)

The hike is approx two hours up and two hours back.

Here is a link to help you with info. regarding the climb and decent.

Plan on arriving back to your vehicles around 8:00ish.

Pastor Steve



Here is part two of this blog post of some pics while up on the summit of Granite Basin.

The hike was pretty much two hours up and two hours down….good work out for the Yosemite trip coming up next week.

(Double click on the pic with your mouse to make it full size on your screen)

The face of GB

On the way up looking toward Skyline drive.

GB trail

Close to the meadow on the top of gb.

The back side of granite Basin looking toward willimson valley/Sedona/ Flagstaff…One of my favorite sections of this amazing trail.

The entire afternoon I saw four other humans.

Summed up I say: Scenic time for solitude and Selah.


Prescott Az.


Thanks For The Support

I just wanted to send out a special “thank you” to all those who helped make my RAGBRAI journey a success.

To ride a bicycle 500 plus miles across the state of Iowa takes a lot of support believe it or not.
Thanks to Jean Earl for the use of her late husband’s road bike. (Jean, I road from Iowa City to Davenport in honor of your family).

Thank you High Gear bike shop and Bike World of Des Moines for the mechanical work. Without your exxpert detailed work this trip would have been a job not a joy….The bike worked great.

Thank you Christophe Noel for the hard case to transport the bike…got to get me one bro.

Thank you Gerald Graves and Des Moines First Assembly/Team Impact for well planned out support. – The support vehicle’s sleeping accommodations and schedule were top notch. The amazing people on this team were pleasing to be with for the entire 7 days.

Thanxz to Dave Douglas for pain relief advice – you know what I’m talkin bout bro.

Thank you pastor Scott Rooks and the fabulous congregation of  Westside Assembly of God. The homecoming welcome was an unbelievable gift to me .

Thank you Patty Chesling and tribe for the laundry, transportation and memory support – I love you guys,
Thank you Steve and Kelli Grubbs for the hospitality I received at your beautiful home and beautiful family.

Thank you Mom, Dad and my brother for pick ups and transportation the airport.
Thank you to my wife Brenda for the encouragement and gift to get me to Iowa and back,
Thank you to Adam my son – in law for covering PFA while I was “suffering”. Lol

Iowa is not flat…..Here is a link that compares Ragbrai with Ride the Rockies.

Thanks to the RAGBRAI people and leadership for an awesome experience – no wonder 10,000 people join in your event each year. – this was epic for me.
Thank you gracious God for health and the desire you put in me to adventure your planet.

Finally, thank you to the state of IOWA for some amazing, loving, and fun people –My home state of  Iowa Rocks

We started with around 8000 cyclist in Glenwood Iowa and fnishished with approx 20,000 cyclist riding into Davenport.

Steve the rodie for a summer