Two big events in 2008

Brenda and I experienced watching our two adult children come to some life changing events in 2008.

Our son Caleb, graduated with honors with a Digital Arts degree from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida this past April.








Words on this blog cannot begin to express how proud we are of Caleb…….man, you talk about bold faith and risk! This guy has it.

Caleb currently is working as a digital designer with Deckers Corporation in Flagstaff, Arizona. The great part about this job for him is he is close to home, close to trout streams, and living in the pines of Northren Arizona.

Another “biggie” for our family was our daughter Natascha was engaged this May to our youth pastor Adam Kling.

It is absolutely endearing to see them work on their wedding, look for a place to live, and start their journey together.

The date is set for October 25th here in Prescott, Arizona and guess who gets to give the bride away and at the same time perform the ceremony?

Really proud of these two kids and their undying love for each other and the God they serve!

God has really been faithful to help Brenda and I with the responsibilty of parenting.

All I can say when I think about it, is “Thank you Lord for your help, strength, insight, and resources.”


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