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Every February a pastor friend of mine puts on a “wild game dinner” here in our community.

This year he ask Chuck Buck from Idaho to speak at the dinner.  Chuck is the CEO of Buck knives. What a great story he told of how the company got started.

The first Buck knife was crafted in a Kansas blacksmith’s shop by Hoyt Buck 106 years ago. Hoyt later became a preacher in the town of Mountain View, Idaho, and during the Second World War used a traditional forge and grinding wheel installed in the basement of his church to craft knives out of discarded metal files and the plastic of aircraft canopies. Delighted with the shiny plastic handles and blades that could chop bolts while holding their edge, thousands of U.S. servicemen spread Hoyt Buck’s reputation by word-of-mouth.

It was a great story and each time I get out my Buck knife I will handle it with a bit more respect.

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Today we staked out the first section for our church farm.

For five years Prescott First Assembly in Prescott has given away food through our food pantry. This year, I thought why not grow our own organic produce and give it away through the ministry.

We have about four acres of vacant land that has basically just sat there for years.

When Gary Heiney a missionary friend from Venezuela told me about his orphanage and how he funds it through growing peppers it really sparked something in me.

So we start in year #1 and I am really excited to see how God can use this tool to cultivate redemptive relationships with people in our community.

Thomas is one of my mountain bike friends here in Prescott that just happens to be a genius at farming here in Arizona.


All the materials, seeds or fruit trees will be donated for this project.

We accept anything from dirt to compost to fencing to dollars and labor.

If you would like to contribute manuel labor or funds you can become a share holder in the harvest.


“When you arrive in the land where I am taking you, 19 eat the crops that you grow there”. Numbers 15:18,19 (nlt)

church family


Last night I received a cell phone call that no pastor wants to get.

Nick White had been in a motorcycle accident in Phoenix and it didn’t look good.

About an hour later a second call came to the house telling Brenda and I that Nick had died on the way to the hospital.

Our church family is strong but the wave of this news saddens all who knew our friend Nick.

Brenda and I had such a heart for Nick and anyone who knew him could not help but love him.

We loved his contagious laugh, his bright smiling face, his constant desire to help where help was needed. No matter what needed to be done, Nick had the “we can handle it Pastor” approach to life.

I loved hearing Nicks Motorcycle come into the church parking lot on Sunday’s. He sparked something in me that helps a pastor want to be better pastor.

I will miss you friend. We will all miss you.


1 Corinthians 15:58

The funeral for Nick White will be Sunday March 1st at 2:00 pm at Prescott First Assembly of God

1455 willowcreek road

Prescott Arizona 86301

Pastor Steve Lummer officiating




I received one of those messages on my facebook that grabbed my attention and I wanted to share it.

The message is from Sean Carpenter, a young man who was in my youth ministry in Davenport Iowa.

I am blogging about this not to build myself up but rather because too many times we don’t see tangible results from our labor in God’s vineyard. But that doesn’t mean it is not there.

Here is the note from Sean.


 Your looking a lot older than I remember. You don’t blame me for any of that grey or hair loss I hope. Just wanted to say thanks for sowing into my life so many years ago. You made a difference in me…KEEP IT UP!

I am and forever will be product of Pastor Barnett, Pastor Bill Wilson, and Pastor Steve Lummer, and the families of Westside. Lord knows, you may want to forget about those days I must have tormented you as the Youth Pastor! I have spent over 25 years as a youth pastor.

I believe in you, Sean Carper.”

Sean is now a youth minister in Florence Kentucky at a great church.

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:6 a powerful statement that says; “I planted,the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”

We might be spending way too much time PULLING WEEDS instead of PLANTING SEEDS.





It is really satisfying to get results even if they are years down the road. 

Planting seeds not pulling weeds.

Steve Lummer


Ministry, Prescott


When you live in the Prescott National Forest , firefighters are on the top of the list when it comes to heros.

This Sunday February 22nd our church is going to honor our heros.



Here are some interesting facts about firefighters.

The first fire departments were paid by the insurance companies. If you didn’t buy insurance, they would let your house burn.

The firefighter badge of today is patterned after the famous Maltese Cross of the Knights of St. John. During the Crusades, those that battled the naphtha fires of the Saracens to save their fellow crusaders were recognized and awarded the Maltese Cross. Today, as in medieval times, this badge remains a symbol of protection and honor for those who fight fire and sacrifice their lives to save others.

The Dalmatian or “fire dog” originated in England as a carriage dog. It would run beside the carriage keeping other dogs away from the path of the horses. The Dalmatian served the same purpose for the horse-drawn fire engine of the early days.

Really looking forward to honoring these people this Sunday.

They deserve a BIG THANK YOU!

Life experiences, outdoors

Buddah Beach at Sedona Az.

Great day with Brenda, Adam and Natascha in Sedona.

Just some pics and a simple map to the Balwin trail that leads to Buddah Beach and Oak Creek.








This section of Sedona is more isolated than the central section. If you get away from hwy 179, you have a better possibility of some peace and quiet.

A year ago I did this section on a mountain bike with a dozen friends. No matter how you travel it, the Balwin Templeton trail is most excellent!