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Just picked up two copies of Mark Batterson’s newest book Soul Print.

Mark’s book points us to the need to know God before we can know ourselves.

Paul the Apostle say’s essentially the same thing is Acts 9 when he ask the question to Jesus, “Who are you Lord and what do you want me to do?”

“Your uniqueness isn’t just a gift from God. It’s your gift to God.” – Mark Batterson

I bought the two copies for an adventure trip I will be taking with my son-in-law this August to Yosemite. – Mark is the featured devotional speaker for the three days.

I can’t think of a better conference than the one that we are going on with Mark and  Joel Malm and

Really looking forward to the read and the MANCATION hike up Half Dome… to follow from the top of course.


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Really looking forward to this teaching this weekend called Every Dad’s Dream.

Father’s day is everyday not just a day we give dad a new pair of socks or a new item for his man cave.

Every dad has a dream and Sunday morning we gonna look@ at how to have some of those dreams become tangible, real and alive.

See ya Sunday.


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St. Louis – June 2011

– Cards win over the Cubs with a 12th inning home run by Albert Pujols – I watched the game while enjoying my favorite pizza from Stephanina’s in Wentzville

– Flew over the Missouri river is @ flood stage.

– Witness lambert International Airport after the tornado rips through St. Louis.

– The day after we leave a 4.5 earthquake shakes the community.

– We connected with some life long friends.

– We  also got to experience some pretty amazing humidity

Here are just a few pics some pics of our visit with Jesse and Missy Quiroz for their church second birthday celebration.

We spoke @ their two services and participated in a afternoon water baptismal service.

Pastor Jesse and Missy are doing an AMAZING work in Lincoln County Missouri.

What a honor to celebrate with these friends.

Every time I get to attend one of Jesse’s services it is an absolute blast.

The church is running around 400 in just two years.

One of the highlights of the weekend is seeing the people follow through  – This church gets it….

They believe

They belong

They get baptized.

It is hard to but into words what you experience @ Journey…. all I can say is there is something very good is going on there.

Thank you Pastor jesse and Missy and thank you Journey Church for allowing Brenda and I to be a part of your church family.




I’m a bit behind in posting these pics for May – But lets call it May.

Here are a few pics of Lewis and Clark @ 14months.

Clark always has a ball or two in his mouth.

Clark asleep in HIS leather chair.

Lewis (left) Clark (right) – great shot.

Yes, two pups are expensive and yes, they do cause damage – but it’s all good right?


Lewis and Clark’s  assistant