I have been to at least 1000 prayer gathers over the last 30 years but last night was different.

Saturday night September 24th was just another meeting like many others I have lead or attended over the past three decades.

But something was unusual about this one.

I am not sure what it was but something sparked in me deeply and personally has the young people around me began to pray out loud and with passion.

I cannot put my finger on it, or point to anything specific, but God used this small gathering to start up something BIG is us that were present.

Ummm – “Small beginnings” … Yes,  “Beauty for Ashes”… new fresh vision makes me feel 20 again.

Looking forward.

Pastor Steve

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I’ve had my “ups and downs” this summer

The summer of 2011 was an amazing four months of being on the go.

From Missouri, Iowa, to Colorado and California and then back to our beautiful Arizona, it has been a great experience to say the least.

In June Brenda and I were given the opportunity to speak for our friends Pastor Jesse and Missy Quiroz and the thriving congregation called Journey Church in Troy Missouri. (Elevation: 650 ft)

Then in July we took our family vacation to Telluride Colorado. (Elevation8750 ft)

After Telluride, was a dream trip to my home state of Iowa for the RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa).

Six days and 550 miles on the bike was and amazing experience for me and 10,000 other riders in the humidity of Iowa (Elevation is 580 ft).

(“Bike Tire Dip” in the Mississippi River – Davenport Iowa.)

After Ragbrai, I was able to attend Summit Leaders for four days in Yosemite National Park.  The leadership anti conference is lead by world traveler and adventure nut Joel Malm. This years speaker was author and pastor Mark Batterson of National Community Church in Washington D.C. .

What a great event. We climbed Half Dome (elevation 8842 feet ).

The Cables of Half Dome.


At the top of  Half Dome BY the “diving board” not on it.

To wrap up the summer of expeditions, my daughter and I along with 18 others from Journey Church hiked the 17 plus mile hike to the Colorado river through Havasupai Canyon. (elevation 3205 ft at Havasupai village).

It is safe to say that I have traveled some 8500 vertical feet this summer.

Yes it has been a summer of “UPS AND DOWNS” for sure.

What an amazing four months.

I want to adventure as much as possible before I cannot hike, bike or explore anymore.

“The world is a big place and I want to see all of it before it gets dark”. – John Muir

Steve Lummer –  a guy who had a great summer:)

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I just wanted to post up a few pics of our latest adventure to Havasupai Canyon.

Last week, my friend Jesse Quiroz brought 18 energetic adventurers to Arizona to hike down into the Grand Canyon.

(Double click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view)

Havasupai Canyon is an amazing hike that  begins at Hualapai Hilltop, making a 10 mile descent through Hualapai and Havasu Canyon, past the native Supai Village and to our basecamp. From there we cast off to explore the turquoise waterfalls such as Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls. A few brave souls hiked all the way to the Colorado River.

The total milage to the Colorado river is stated to be 17 miles – but from my calculations it had to be at least 19 one way.

(double clink on the image with your mouse to enlarge it)

Here are just a few pics to attempt to describe and show our three days in the canyon.

The trail down Havasupai is about a 2000′ drop. The first mile is reasonably steep, while the rest of the trail follows a very slight down grade. The hike is not overly difficult, and is a good one for first-time backpackers, but you do have to deal with a great deal of sun and heat. It will take about 4-6 hours to hike the ten miles each way, but don’t try to go all the way down and all the way back in one day, you won’t have too much fun.

There is a village about eight miles into the hike, but besides stopping to register your group, there is not much else to do there. It’s another two miles to the campgrounds.

Navajo Falls

Supai Creek runs through the entire length of the campgrounds – It is beautiful and has a ton of trees to help shade campers from the sun.

After setting up our camp Wednesday night we started the next full day exploring and hiking to the Colorado river. We left @ 7:30 AM for the “7 mile” hike. – I concluded it was more like a 9 mile hike from our campsite.

Here are a few pics of our journey down to the Colorado River.

Havasupai Falls pictured above is just above the campground.

Mooney falls is just below the campground.

Mooney Falls  is the tallest of all the falls at Supai  – It is beautiful.

The hike down the side of the cliff can be dangerous and caution is the word for the “chain climb” down to the floor.

The first few steps are through a tunnel that lead you to a series of chains that help you navigate your decent down to the base of the falls – The chains are wet and the climb is steep.

The climb down is worth the view – Wow!, what an amazing sight and feel to be at the bottom of Mooney falls with all that power of water spraying on your face.

(Mooney Falls behind me.)

After Mooney Falls, you make your way down stream to the next set of water falls called Beaver Falls.

This is where you need to be prepared for a attempting to keep your feet dry after you cross the water.

You might not think about it, but wet feet and shoes after putting in a few miles will result in blisters…. that will result in pain… that will result in a very uncomfortable hike.

Our process was to change shoes after every water crossing. – ALL 10 of them to the Colorado River and 10 of them on the way back.

Seven of us attempted to make it all the way to the Colorado river on this trip.

It is not a simple venture givin the water crossings and trying to make it back to the chains at Mooney before dark.

Beaver Falls are a series of water falls the cascade down the canyon – take some time to swim in this blueish “Gatorade” looking river.

Once you get past Beaver Falls, there is a rope climb that takes you up and over to a sign that tells you you are leaving Supai Nation and entering the Grand Canyon National Park.

After the sign, we headed to the Colorado river at a good pace.

We made it to the river at 2:06 pm. – here is a pic of the end of the Supai River as it flows into the Colorado.

Looking back up the canyon from the Colorado River.

Heading back to the campground was another set of water crossings – make sure you plan your hike and give yourself plenty of daylight – It would not be too much fun climbing the chains at dark.

We made it back to camp at 7:00 pm – 11 1/2 hours on the trail meant the next day we were a bit sore.

What an awesome trip. I really enjoyed the company of my daughter Natascha as well as some amazing friends from Journey Church.

Looking forward to going back to Hava Supai next Summer with Summit Leadership and Mark Batterson.

The Havsuw’ Baaja (Blue Water People), or more commonly the Havasupai.

When you see the Havasupai Indians, say "gah'muuh" - it is a a greeting meaning how are you?

Take a hike.


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Jesse Quiroz Speaking @ Prescott First Assembly

Our good friends and ministry partners Jesse and Missy Quiroz will be with us this Sunday @ 10:00 AM.

Jess and Miss served as youth and associate pastors here in Prescott before planting a new thriving congregation just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.  –

Every time Jesse speaks at PFA it is just the right word, at the right moment, for the life of the church.

We are really looking forward to welcoming Jesse and Missy back to a place they love and cherish this Sunday.

See you Sunday morning.

Pastor Steve

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2012 Red Rocks Marriage Adventure Conference

I just wanted to start getting the word out about our 2012 Red Rocks Marriage Adventure Conference in Sedona, Arizona.

The event will base out of the Hilton Resort and Spa in beautiful scenic Sedona  May 4th, 5th, and 6th.

This Couple’s Marriage Adventure Conference exists to:

1. Create unique active experiences that inspire married couples in connectivity.

2. Broaden couples perspective about their life together both in the short term and the long haul.

This spring’s Marriage Adventure Conference will be unique because of the setting and design of the three day event.

Sedona has been rated “Most Beautiful Place in America” by USA Weekend and we will make sure we are going to fit its beauty into our teaching sessions each day.

The Marriage Adventure Conference topics will include trips to  unique historical and geographical locations, meaningful to our topic and theme of that day.

Here is a small glimpse of our three adventure sessions:


We will take a short walk into the distant past and see messages carved in stone by the Sinagua tribe some 900 years ago. Through this session we will see the significance of how important real and meaningful communication is between two people who desire to invest in a lifetime together.


Sedona offers some amazing natural scenic illustrations that can teach us how to adapt to and adjust to the challenges that attempt to keep us apart.

In this session, we will explore Sedona with the help of Pink Jeep Tours on a 3 1/2 hour trip through the red rocks to Devil’s Bridge.


One of the amazing gifts that this region offers is the ancient Native American ruins that still exist today.

This session will be a trip back to some of the places and spaces people used to live hundreds of years ago.

We will see some biblical ways to create order in our homes that will have a lasting effect in our lives and the lives of our families for generations.

As well as some amazing outdoor expeditions, we will be blessed to have three sessions with Kent and Kristie Sexton of Phoenix First Assembly of God.

Kent and Kristie own a successful regional business as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to our Marriage Adventure Conference.

Registration will be available  on the Marriage Adventure Conference  web site that is coming soon.

Plan it now and you can join us then

Steve and Brenda Lummer

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Tower of “Babelism” part 1

Over the next few days I’m writing about some short and simplistic ways to approach our crash and burn path we are on as a nation.

Hey U.S.A – “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” psa. 127
People groups, tribes and earth dwellers of a thousands of years would tell us in CAPS -“ANYTHING THAT IS MANUFACTURED BY HUMAN EFFORT DOES NOT COME WITH GOD’S WARRANTY.” – I wonder if we could be smart enough to let God engineer our future….or would that take too much faith and humility on our part?
No matter what religious view you have, you have to admit that too much self pride is a dangerous posture to have.

Labor day – Tower of “Babelism”#1

Genesis 11.1-9

Just sayin – Just prayin.

Pastor Steve