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Journey Church Weekend Coming Up.

Brenda and i are really looking forward to a weekend with our friends Jesse and Missy Quiroz.

The first Sunday in June is Journey Church’s anniversary and we go back each year to celebrate with this amazing family of faith.

This year to church celebrates their third year and is growing like crazy.

The St. Louis area was our home for 13 years and we love to get back to see friends each year.

If you are in the St. Louis/ St. Charles area come out to Journey and see us.

Maybe see ya this weekend.

Pastor Steve


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Tatonka before Tennesse.

Just wanted to post a few pics from the smart phone of another “last” ride with my daughter Natascha….Yep for real they leave @ 5:00 am tomorrow.

We had a good 12 miles of singletrack tonight….. good times as usual.

It has been great to have our daughter live close to us for almost a decade … now that she has moved away, it is a reminder more than ever to love the ones your with while they are with you.


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Getting in a few more bike miles before the move to Tennessee

Grateful for the miles we have gotten in over the past eight years here in Prescott.

We are going to attempt one more on Monday before the U Haul takes my daughter and her bike to Tennessee.

Quote of the ride.

“Go into your next season as positive as you can ….go do what your are going there to do.”

“Work at it with the end game up front” .


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Just wanted to post up a few pics of our dad/son fishing attempt.

This last Saturday Caleb and I attempted to catch and release fish on two amazing creeks here in Arizona.

We first landed at the West Clear Creek just outside Camp Verde, Az. as well as Oak Creek in Sedona.

We tried to get to the upper section of the creek by driving up the gravel road and hiking down to the river on trail 31.  When we arrived at trail 31 we quickly found it did not exist. We turned around and decided to join the throngs of locals that usually swim and hike the “bull pen” area down stream.

The fishing was tough and we struck out but we got a few good pics of our day.

Next time we head up to West Clear Creek to fish for trout I’m thinking about calling Jason Meszaros from Manzanita Outdoors for a little help.

Jason operates The Drag Free School Of Fly Fishing.

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Dad/Daughter Mtn Bike Ride

My daughter Natascha and I are not saying it, but we are attempting in a quiet unspoken way to create a few last memories before she and Adam move from Prescott to Tennessee.

Mountain biking is in part our way of way of accomplishing that.

Gonna really miss my little girl and the time we have on our bikes.

I’m gonna get her bike fixed up and tuned before she heads east.  Hopefully she can ride and show me a few Tennessee trails when we go to visit.