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Dad/Daughter Mtn Bike Ride

My daughter Natascha and I are not saying it, but we are attempting in a quiet unspoken way to create a few last memories before she and Adam move from Prescott to Tennessee.

Mountain biking is in part our way of way of accomplishing that.

Gonna really miss my little girl and the time we have on our bikes.

I’m gonna get her bike fixed up and tuned before she heads east.  Hopefully she can ride and show me a few Tennessee trails when we go to visit.


One thought on “Dad/Daughter Mtn Bike Ride

  1. Glen Bontrager says:

    as i enter a comment, we see our loved ones leave and go into there destiny ,to me as a parent it is the most hardest thing to give into to detach ourselves from, and release them to go and live there lives to the fullest in Christ ,I didnt know how hard it was going to be to release them, and I hope and pray GOD WOULD GIVE US THE GRACE TO ACCEPT HIS DESTINIES FOR THEM AND THEIR FUTURE ,like I heard from a minister parenting isnt for cowards and I love my family and the short time God the Father has given us to pour our Love into them.

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