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Little things bring us together – Marmot “Pounder Plus”

My son Caleb Called tonight to inform me that his camping gear is now complete.

His Marmont “pounder Plus” sleeping bag had just arrived.

There is something about getting a new peice of gear to rev you up for a new camping adventure in the mountains of Northren Zona.

Here is a pic of the bag that gets dad and son thinking and preparing for another adventure in the wild.

pounder plus

I am really looking forward to pushing up mount Elden labor day weekend  and camping with the lad.


Also, just going to have to get a lttle single speed mtn biking in while the flagstaff area.

Here is a link from mountain bike bill and the trails on mount Elden.

Marmot pounder plus stats:

Weight: 2 lb 5 ozs / 1.49 kgs
Main Material: Astral Rip N-100 DWR
Lining Material: Omni140


Insulation Material: Primaloft® SB
Size for stre: 183 cm
Size on shoulder: 152 cm
Size on hip: 145 cm
Size on foot: 102 cm
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Leadville 100 Cycling

Lance Armstrong of Aspen, Colo., navigates a trail on his way to winning the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike cycling race in Leadville, Colo., on Saturday, Aug. 15, 2009.Also, (note to self) take a look at at the  vitical climb and think next time you feel like whinning during or before a climb Steve.



Here is a great link that covers the story.

Great video from the 2008 match up.

Mountain biking, SINGLE SPEED



Greg Ooley has been working on getting the Prescott Blue Ribbon Mountain bike race together and I wanted to post his event on this blog.

Here you go.

The PBR Cometh

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11, 2009 by Raven Singletrack

We’re finally fleshing out details for the first Prescott Blue Ribbon singlespeed race.  It’s actually starting to resemble a mountain bike race.  Weird. Jenn-Hopkins-singlespeed

Here’s what we have so far:

– October 3, 2009 (Saturday)

– 10:00 AM start time

– Start/Finish @ Schoolhouse Gulch Trailhead (White Spar Campground, S Hwy 89A)

– $35 donation to benefit local trails, includes sexy t-shirt

Limited to 74 participants, so RSVP early to get in

– Singlespeed Only (sorry Lance- you won’t be able to do the Peeber)

We agonized (no, seriously) over how to include our derailleur-laden friends in the PBR… but in the end we got tired of talking and decided it would be easier for people to beg, borrow or steal a SS bike than it would be for us to figure out how to keep the geared bikes from slowing down all the singlespeeders on race day.  (Kidding!)

But we do have good news to accompany the bad, so listen up.

Ed Furbush, resident rastacycleon at Southwest Sounds & Cyclery, has vowed to do whatever possible to get people on a singlespeed bike for the race.  He’s building a few loaner rear wheels, stocking a few SS conversion kits, and will work with people to make the conversion as low-cost as humanly possible.   So if your bottom lip starts to quiver at the mere thought of missing the 2009 PBR, just email us ( or call Ed at SWSC and we’ll hook you up!

– Men’s A /Women’s A… 22 miles.

– Men’s B/Women’s B… 15 miles.

– CASH primes up for grabs at the top of The Wall, for those who aren’t afraid to puke trailside.

– Schwaggy prizes TBA

– Post-race rally hosted by The Raven Café.

Limited to 74 riders!  RSVP by email to with your (a) name, (b) race category, (c) t-shirt size and (d) hometown.

To pre-register (so we have money in advance to pay for event insurance, t-shirts and a honeywagon), zap your $35 via PayPal to

More info, directions and course maps available at  (Give us a week on that one.)

I am really looking forward to the event and meeting a bunch of folks from the single speed tribe ! thanks Greg and company for putting this event together.