Tomorrow is the last day of February so I wanted to post a few pics of Lewis and Clark for this month.

The last pic is a little sad because Clark has surgery….the cone is to keep him from licking his stitches.

This rock formation is Lewis and Clark’s favorite hangout in the woods. They run to this spot every time we go for a walk.

Lewis 11 months old

Clark at 11 months always with a smile.

Clark hidden out in the woods – all safe here.

Lewis hears horses coming up the trail.

Clark on the Rocks.

Lewis loves this place.

Always happy.

Not happy – Clark is our lamp shade boy for a few more days.



Friend of Lewis and Clark Lummer


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Looking forward to continuing our series tomorrow at Prescott First Assembly.

We are in part four of the series The Domino Effect and this Sunday we are looking at how to dismantle the logjams in our lives that keep us from God’s best.

Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred because of the Israelites.  No one went out and no one came in. Joshua 6:1 (niv)


Lead Pastor

Prescott First Assembly


Steve and Marjorie Harris On Balance

This week I was able to attend one of our Arizona Assembly of God District sponsored events.

Steve and Marjorie Harris,  our District pastors  took a few minutes to speak on the subject of balance and I wanted to jot down a few bullet points of their message.

First Steve Showed us a video called “Balancing Rocks”

– “Balance is critical for our life and ministry to work correctly.”- Steve Harris

Steve told us that ministry is the big rock on top and all the smaller rocks (home, family, finances and time) have a lot to do with how you are able to balance the big rock of ministry.

If the smaller rocks are out of balance then the larger rock of ministry will be off as well.

Proverbs 16:11  A just balance and scales belong to the LORD; All the weights of the bag are His concern.

Marjorie spoke on how to have balance in your home with three very practical but power points.

1. Guard the time you have with your family

2. Make Tender touch one of the habits of your daily routine.

“Touch is a better language than words.”

3. Find something everyday together that will make you both laugh.

Some of her quotes are keepers.

“One of the most wasted of days is a day without laughter.”

“Laughter is inner jogging.”

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”

I love their honest candid approach to sharing with our ministry team. Steve and Marjorie have been an amazing source of support for my wife and I over the past eight years of ministry in Prescott.

I am very thankful to have them in our circle of friends.

Trying to stay balanced.


Lead pastor

Prescott First Assembly of God

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, Mountain biking


Dave Sewell grabbed these amazing photos of what the night looked like around 24 hour town.

Double Click the pic to enlarge it.

The race started at noon on at Willow Springs Ranch outside Tucson, Arizona. Some 1,850 participants have signed up for the event making the race one of ‚ÄĒ if not the largest ‚ÄĒ in the U.S. ¬†Mountain bikers battled unseasonable cold and rain to race on the 16.2-mile course at the¬†24 Hours of Old Pueblo last¬†weekend.


Overnight rain, 50 mph wind gusts and bitter temperatures made this year’s event one that won’t soon be forgotten by those who braved the elements.

Jeannette Wesley cutting through the wind factor.

Robert Middlemore descending the rock at the end of the 16.2 mile loop.


Michael Taylor, Steve Lummer, Roberto Middlemore, Dave Sewell, Jeanette Wesley and Stormy

Here are our individual lap results for the 24 HOP this last weekend.
16.1 miles through a cactus forest, sometimes being nearly knocked off
our bikes by steady 25 mph winds with 50+mph gusts, sometimes being
pelted with rain and 20mph wind, sometimes shivering through 40 degree

RiderName Lap Finish Time Lap Duration

1 Robert Middlemore 1:18:46 PM 1:18:46

2 Dave SEWELL 2:43:41 PM 1:24:54

3 Steve Lummer 4:17:19 PM 1:33:37

4 Jeanette Wesley 6:01:17 PM 1:43:57

5 Michael Taylor 7:44:32 PM 1:43:15

6 Robert Middlemore 9:13:55 PM 1:29:22

7 Dave SEWELL 10:46:54 PM 1:32:58

8 Steve Lummer 12:29:39 AM 1:42:45

9 Jeanette Wesley 2:16:35 AM 1:46:56

10 Michael Taylor 3:57:45 AM 1:41:09

11 Robert Middlemore 5:21:30 AM 1:23:45

12 Dave SEWELL 6:52:02 AM 1:30:31

13 Steve Lummer 8:29:34 AM 1:37:31

14 Jeanette Wesley 10:27:10 AM 1:57:35

15 Michael Taylor 12:05:53 PM 1:38:43

Recycle bin from the winds of Hurricane Pueblo…funny.

What an amazing weekend…. what an amazing course.

I want to thank team 4 and a half men for an amazing weekend of memories and loss of calories.

Gotta do this again.


marriage, what I am working on right now


Brenda and I are really excited about our Sedona, Arizona Marriage weekend next February 2012.

We are working with the Red Agave Resort in the scenic red rock country of  Sedona.


This weekend will prove to NOT be just another marriage conference but a weekend adventure to build couples for a lifetime in all aspects of life together.

Start to plan a weekend with us a year from now …you won’t be disappointed.

Details and dates will be posted soon.

Steve and Brenda

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Thomas Edison, Mountain Bikes and a Droid

On Thomas Edison’s 164th birthday I wanted to post a blog regarding inventions and gadgets.

I think Edison  would be very proud of some of our newest inventions and gadgets we have today in our modern world.

Tonight,  a group of us  did a night ride on our bikes through part of the Prescott National Forest.

We are stopped for a breather when I looked up and asked,¬† “is that Jupiter or Mars over there in the sky?” – The guy on the bike next to me pulls his Droid out of his back pack and shows us his GoogleSky app on his phone.

Here we are standing in the dark checking out our solar system off a cell phone.

I think Mr. T.E. would be very proud of our newest inventions we have pulled out of our inventive hats.

Happy 164th Birthday Mr. Edision…It was a great ride and I think you would have enjoyed the company.


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The Domino Effect part 2 – Sticks and Stones

‚ÄúSticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.‚ÄĚ – Ummmmm really?

Words are powerful things. They either build up or tear down, add to or take from.

This Sunday we continue our series The Domino Effect with a message called Sticks and Stones.

Do our verbal accent reflect a dialect to builds others up or do the words we use inflict pain and discouragement?

We will never lift ourselves UP, by putting someone else DOWN!

Really looking forward to sharing the GOOD Word this weekend.

Pastor  Steve

Prescott First Assembly

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In 1968 I was in the 5th grade and climbing the black soiled hills of Iowa …. but In the Summer of 1968 Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins founder of¬† Northface¬† rounded up a some friends and a Volkswagon bus. The embarked on an epic 6 month road journey from San Francisco to the Chilean Patagonia, surfing, skiing and hiking along the way. Mountain of Storms is the testament. ¬†Nice to know the company‚Äôs founders are the real deal. ¬† Years later most¬† anyone who loves the outdoors is grateful for their gear.

Great film.

Mount Fitzroy – Patagonia

Anybody wanna go?

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The Domino Effect

Looking forward to our new series this Sunday.

Dominos teach us science, about processes, sequences, and the way things work.

What domino effect is working in your life right now?

Is it knocking you down or pulling you up.

See you Sunday @ 10:00 AM

Prescott First Assembly

1455 Willow Creek rd.

Prescott, Arizona.

Pastor Steve