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Thomas Edison, Mountain Bikes and a Droid

On Thomas Edison’s 164th birthday I wanted to post a blog regarding inventions and gadgets.

I think Edison  would be very proud of some of our newest inventions and gadgets we have today in our modern world.

Tonight,  a group of us  did a night ride on our bikes through part of the Prescott National Forest.

We are stopped for a breather when I looked up and asked,  “is that Jupiter or Mars over there in the sky?” – The guy on the bike next to me pulls his Droid out of his back pack and shows us his GoogleSky app on his phone.

Here we are standing in the dark checking out our solar system off a cell phone.

I think Mr. T.E. would be very proud of our newest inventions we have pulled out of our inventive hats.

Happy 164th Birthday Mr. Edision…It was a great ride and I think you would have enjoyed the company.



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