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Today was amaZING.

I had the entire day alone.

Yes, totally along with the exception of my three golden retrievers.


It was interesting, because the last three months have been a flurry of activity and groups and activity.

Tonight as I sat in front of my chiminea full of fire and firewood smoke.

natures tv

I listened to the water trickling in Willow creek below me and the wind whispering in the pines on the hill above me.

All of the elements were surrounding me with wind, wood , water and fire .


When you are alone …………. things can get real creative.

“One God idea is better than a 1000 good ideas.”

For your body to stay healthy, you have to keep eating.
For your mind to stay healthy, you have to keep learning.
For your soul to stay healthy , you have to keep dreaming.

Our imagination is an attribute that God has given us – You have NO boundaries in your imagination!

Our imagination is the PLAYGROUND where you and God get to commune and dream together… yes, Yes it is.




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Guest blogger Rick Malm

I met Rick Malm in the fall of 2012 in Yosemite National Park. We climbed Half Dome together and then found out we were raise in the same community in the mid west.


I wanted to share his insight through one of his latest writings.


“I just wrote to one of our dear missionaries, a single woman plowing hard ground in Spain, who is going through some intense trials right now. As I wrote, I thought perhaps others might benefit from what I shared with her. So here it is:
I know it is a stressful time for the ministry but it is in those stressful times that God produces good fruit in our lives. We have been going through that personally also but finding God faithful through it all.

Something He shared with me. A principle you see in the Word is that life only comes out of death. A seed has to “die” to reproduce. Jesus had to die or He would have remained the only son of God. His death brought many sons and daughters into the kingdom.

In other words, until there is death there can be no multiplication. But, any area of our life that dies is now a candidate for resurrection power. And just like Christ’s resurrected body was so much more glorious than the earthly tent, so, anything, any part of our life or ministry that dies, can now be resurrected far more glorious. It may not look the same but it will be far more fruitful and productive and glorious than it ever could have been if it had not died.

So, we must embrace the death of vision, even of hope. By doing so, we are embracing God and casting all our trust and hope upon Him. I pray that casts some light into a dark night. St John of the Cross spoke of a night that can be brighter than the day. Because, in that night we discover God in more intimate ways and He becomes a brilliant glow in our soul.”


My Goods friends Joel and and his pops Rick Malm



Rick is the president of  CTEN is an interdenominational missionary sending agency “Helping Ordinary People Partner With God To Accomplish The Extraordinary.
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