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The Connection Expedition Marriage Adventure Event

I just wanted to post the Sedona Marriage Adventure event on this blog.

My good friend Joel Malm gave me the phrase “anti Conference” last September when I hiked Half Dome with he and a few other crazies.

He said, “an anti conference is smaller but more powerful way to get a message across because you are not in a big conference room with thousands of other people.”

I agree. We have all attended conferences and felt like we were just a number in a crowd… or as we sat in the ninth balcony we were not really involved or engaged in what was going on.

Connection Expeditions is totally opposite of the BIG conference and strives to be more personal and a whole lot more organic in its approach.

Connection Expeditions exist to give people another opportunity to grow both personally and collectively in a unique setting other than inside the walls of a church or conference center.
We believe that God gave us the outdoors to help us see the bigger picture He has designed for us.
Church settings are nice but the roof is to low. God took Abraham outside his tent and told him to look up at the stars in the sky – God told him that his offspring would outnumber the stars. What God did is just as significant as what he said. He led Abraham outside for an object lesson that he would never forget.

Why did God take him outside? Because inside the tent, Abraham’s vision of God and God’s amazing future for him was limited. He could not see the potential of God’s promises displayed against the backdrop of God’s creation. God wanted him to get a glimpse of just how big a God he was. Taking Abraham outside was God’s way of telling him not to put limits and ceilings on what God wanted to do through him and for him.

Conventional leadership, marriage conferences are neat to attend and meaningful without a doubt. They give us a new perspective on everyday life and work. But with the unique angle Connection Expeditions take we get out of buildings and into God’s creative natural sanctuary’s for lessons and connections that give us another way of learning what God is speaking to us.

In short,  Connection Expeditions exists to create unique outdoor experiences that inspire vision and broaden

the perspective and connectivity of people of today.

Here is a brief look at the conference in Sedona this May 6,7 and 8 of 2012.

Sunday afternoon you arrive at Sedona’s Hilton resort and spa.

The event begins at 5:00 pm on the patio of the Hilton Resort and Spa and a brief mixer and introduction to our time together.

Monday and Tuesday we will explore the amazing sites of the region. – Connection Expeditions will use the geography and beauty of Sedona to teach couples from God’s creation the timeless truths that have kept couples together for thousands of years.

Then just before couples go to dinner we will teach on three tracks that will guide us through next few days.



We will take a short walk into the distant past and see messages carved in stone by the Sinagua tribe some 900 years ago. Through this session we will see the significance of how important real and meaningful communication is between two people who desire to invest in a lifetime together.

Sedona offers some amazing natural scenic illustrations that can teach us how to adapt to and adjust to the challenges that attempt to keep us apart.

In this session, we will explore Sedona with the help of Jeep Tours on a 3 1/2 hour trip through the red rocks to Devil’s Bridge.

One of the amazing gifts that this region offers is the ancient Native American ruins that still exist today. This session will be a trip back to some of the places and spaces people used to live hundreds of years ago.

We will see some biblical ways to create order in our homes that will have a lasting effect in our lives and the lives of our families for generations.

To register for this event, go to:

Or feel free to email us or contact my cell @ 928-710-0750.

Please plan on registering early. This event is open to only 15 couples.

A $200.00 deposit per couple  is due by march first to reserve you spot and room at the resort.

We are really looking forward to this time with you.

Steve and Brenda Lummer


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Just wanted to post a few of my latest photos of my back yard…. (well, a five mile radius by bike.)

Double click on the pick with your mouse to enlarge the photo.

All of these places were adventured by bike.

Granite Basin and Thumb Butte.

Get out there and enjoy the places and spaces you have been gifted to occupy while you are able.

Psalm 104:24, 30 – How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures…. When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth.


Arizona, Mountain biking, outdoors


Today was another epic Preskitt crew ride.

I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw this on the counter while getting our morning coffee…. gotta love Arizona.

Last months edition of Dirt Rag.

We rode the northern section of the  BCT (Black Canyon Trail) from Hwy 69 to Hidden Treasure Mine TH and back. It included the Big Bug, Drinking Snake, and Antelope Canyon Sections, 25.9 miles of mountain biker heaven.

(double click on the pics with your mouse to enlarge the photo)

Today Dave Sewell  Doug Korell,  Jeff CombsRobert F. Coombs,  Thomas Stotler,  Scott Golden and I started out fully layered with jackets that quickly came off .

Jeff came in the parking lot with his new red bike rack.

The first half of the trail meanders through typical cow pastures and beautiful high desert terrain. – There was a two mile section that was pummeled by post holes cause by horses and I only lost three teeth.

The first half of the ride quickly changes after you pass the water tank into into Antelope Canyon. The singletrack is cut into the side of the canyon and if not careful, you could slip off into the abyss and get an expensive helicopter ride out.

Photo by Doug Korell.

photo by Doug Korell

The BCT is a great winter edition for any mountain biker who wants to feel the Arizona sun.

Thanks Dave for the pre ride coffee and thanks Robert for the In and Out Post ride burger.

Great day, great ride and a great crew.