Discovery Church, Life experiences, Prescott National Forest


Today was amaZING.

I had the entire day alone.

Yes, totally along with the exception of my three golden retrievers.


It was interesting, because the last three months have been a flurry of activity and groups and activity.

Tonight as I sat in front of my chiminea full of fire and firewood smoke.

natures tv

I listened to the water trickling in Willow creek below me and the wind whispering in the pines on the hill above me.

All of the elements were surrounding me with wind, wood , water and fire .


When you are alone …………. things can get real creative.

“One God idea is better than a 1000 good ideas.”

For your body to stay healthy, you have to keep eating.
For your mind to stay healthy, you have to keep learning.
For your soul to stay healthy , you have to keep dreaming.

Our imagination is an attribute that God has given us – You have NO boundaries in your imagination!

Our imagination is the PLAYGROUND where you and God get to commune and dream together… yes, Yes it is.





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