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Just wanted to post up a few pics of our dad/son fishing attempt.

This last Saturday Caleb and I attempted to catch and release fish on two amazing creeks here in Arizona.

We first landed at the West Clear Creek just outside Camp Verde, Az. as well as Oak Creek in Sedona.

We tried to get to the upper section of the creek by driving up the gravel road and hiking down to the river on trail 31.  When we arrived at trail 31 we quickly found it did not exist. We turned around and decided to join the throngs of locals that usually swim and hike the “bull pen” area down stream.

The fishing was tough and we struck out but we got a few good pics of our day.

Next time we head up to West Clear Creek to fish for trout I’m thinking about calling Jason Meszaros from Manzanita Outdoors for a little help.

Jason operates The Drag Free School Of Fly Fishing.



  1. Chip Hardy says:

    If you found the trailhead for the Blodgett Basin trail, you must have been on the Cedar Flat road (Nf-214). A mile or so beyond that trailhead, the road turns north. Shortly after there is what looks like a cow path with tire tracks going east. This is labeled Nf-214A on the National Geographics trail map of the area. Following this for about a mile (big rocks in the road – need high undercarriage vehicle – I have a stock 2001 Tacoma 4WD) to a trailhead. The trailhead is just a piece of weathered plywood between two posts. This is the upper end of trail 17. About two miles down (and down means 1750 feet) you can hear the creek. I was there on Monday, May 21. I only fished for an hour and a half because I was concerned about getting back up that 1750 feet. Caught and released three Rainbows (10″ – 12″) and had others on that I didn’t try to land. Didn’t see another soul from the time I turned off the Beaver Creek Road in the morning until I turned onto it again in the afternoon. Wonderful day.

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