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Third Trip Around The Sun With Journey Church

just wanted to post a view of my favorite pics from our visit to Journey Church this year.

Just cannot say enough about this amazing couple and these very special friends of ours.

Jesse and Missy Quiroz are top drawer people period! – Totally love em.

Frenchman’s Bluff conversation (Brenda and Missy)

Still growing.

Mid west “burt outs” “hole shots” “skid marks”…..classic.

Great father, Awesome sons.

Jesse drives and I record the wreck.

Lifelong friends the Stephans – Love these guys.

Special for me.

“Go ahead and Jump”

” Snowflakes are fragile alone, but together can shut down a city. …. You guys are a bunch of flakes”

“God loves you this much!”

My words are very short on this blog post …. but a picture IS worth a thousand words.


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I just wanted to post a short blog about the end of Church Farm.

Also, I wanted to post some of my favorite photos of the past two years

The reason Church Farm is closing its efforts is mostly because of the constant and relentless complaining to us as well as to  the city from the surrounding neighborhood. The residents along Prescott Heights street as well as Flora street for some reason do not wish for church farm to be near them.I think we had a good run but the opposition was too great and too constant.

Thank you for all your interest and contribution over the past 2 years.The goats have anew home and now we will begin the long process of retuning the church farmed land into a lawn again.

I would like to personally thank Tomas Arnold for his leadership and commitment to food and feeding people.Also, I would like to thank all the people who contributed to the farm here at the church.What a great experiment and great opportunity to work together as a community.

Thank you
Pastor Steve Lummer

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Winter at Church Farm

I just wanted to post a couple of pics I took this morning after the frost vanished at church farm.

Thomas showed me the Alfalfa and Garlic that has started to grow.  (remember, this is January)

Alfalfa is from the Pea Family.

Garlic originates from the Onion family.

Here is an updated pic of Twila and Sophie  still in waiting to become mothers.

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This Thursday and Saturday was the first days of giving the harvest away through Church Farm and the many other gardens in the city of Prescott.

This initial give away was small but many stopped by to see the event anf receive food for their table.

Thomas Arnold has worked very hard with his team of farmers to get this going.

I cannot wait to see what happens when the fall harvest is in.



There is something really rewarding about seeing food giving away that you watched grow.

Great job guys.

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I just wanted to post a few pictures Im calling “Day Parts”.


Started out the way I love to – Devotion , Sunday preparation and strong coffee.

bible coffee


Then I went to work on getting these two canoes back to Missouri for my friend Mile Ketcherside.

We had to fix the Yakima racks on Annie’s Ford Explorer before they can be shipped. She hit a tree and did some damage to the whole system. Bigger project than I projected.

2 canoes



Hung out at Chruch Farm. It is really cool to see lots of people come by to help Thomas during the day.

All kinds of stuff growing – can’t wait for the harvet give away at “The Table”.

I met a young man from Virignia that is filming a documentary on “Building Communities” today. He is filming three cities and stopped by Church Farm to take a hands on approach to some of the work Thomas and crew are doing.


I love using a canoe to very last drop. This one is helping us grow Kale and salad greens.


The Potatoes are kickin it.


Twila and Sophie have the life!



Just before sunset, I slipped in an hour of the “sweet spot” in the woods.




Finishing off the day by just hanging with the best bride on the planet! – She makes killer tacos.


“As thy days, so shall thy strength be;”—Deuteronomy 33:25 (kjv)

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Today I open one of the many bills that come into the church office and this one I just have to blog about.

The bill was from R.W. TURNER  & SONS PUMP AND WINDMILL CO. out of Chino Valley Arizona.

The total amount was very reasonable to repair our well at the church as well as replace the pump that will supply water to our church farm for many seasons.

But what just blessed me was the amount that the Turner folks decided to contribute to the Church Farm Ministry .

These guys are not only good at what they do, but they have a heart of generosity that is hard to find these days.

Not only did they give the ministry a substantial gift but they also went above the call of duty by giving us a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY as well.

I just wanted to say thank you to these fine people and suggest that you write them and say thank you as well. The address for R.W. TURNER PUMP AND WINDMILL CO. IS:

3471 N. Hwy 89

Chino Valley, Az. 86323

You can also find them on the web at


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This past week I came to the church campus to find two groups of students from Northpoint School learning some hands on education at the church farm.

After they had gone back to class I walked around to see all the work they had accomplished.  Great job guys and thank you.

I also learned that Prescott is one of only twelve communities in the United States to receive a major grant from Expeditionary Learning Schools Outward Bound (with funds provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to create a new, small, rigorous high school based on the highly acclaimed Expeditionary Learning model.

Here are a few photos of the students with Thomas the teacher.




Twila the goat will be having her kid in August. Really looking forward to all the excitment.


To have a church part of a school’s field trip is a real delight. I wish we had more things to offer the community. Perhaps in the future we could offer other real life opportunities for people to come and participate and learn.

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In Genesis 26, there is a story about the Philistines filling the wells Abraham had dug with dirt and debris. Isaac reopens the wells by removing the debris.

It is amazing how stuff that used to work stops working.  Things are in a constant state of repair all around us.

This past week we repaired the well at the church and for the first time in almost 15 years water began to flow from the well to water the gardens at Church Farm.

I just wanted to post a big thank you the the following people to make this possible through their donations.

Rick Turner and sons from Turner pump and windmill company, Steve and Cindy Alward from High Gear Bikes, Nate Wood, Kate Pressman, Harold Potts, Michael Taylor, Virginia Jenkins, Pam Crawford, Paul and Jo Lummer, Gary Lummer, Natascha Lummer, Ester Summers Jeff and Tracie Scheffert,  Anden Scheffert, Michael Russel, Treba Pickering, Melvin and Linda Odell, Adam Arnold, Ray Wehrs, Norman Williams, Francis Clark, Jean Bloecher, Jason and Amber Dykstra, Nancy Edwards, Scott and Kim Floyd, Diane Gurle, Bob Blount, Rich at Coffee Roasters and Thomas Arnold.

These people helped us unstop a well that will water the church farm that will feed people – AWESOME AND GOOD ON THEM!

Here are just a few pictures of the well being unstopped.

The old pump comes out and the new one goes in.

truck field

well workers

old well

new pump



The Potatoes and the Hopi Blue corn on the rise.

Isaac reopened the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham, which the Philistines had stopped up after Abraham died, and he gave them the same names his father had given them. Genesis 26:18 (niv)

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Four Gallons Per Minute


Just a quick note:

Today Rick Turner came to get us started on the well for Church Farm.

Here are some brief notes to let you know of the progress.

We have water at 32 feet.

The well is pumping 4 gallons per minute.

The well depth is 332 feet.

This is good news for Church Farm!

Sorry this is such a short post but my eyes feel heavy.

Thank you everyone who has sponsored this project to get the well fixed. I will post more pics as progress is completed.