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Third Trip Around The Sun With Journey Church

just wanted to post a view of my favorite pics from our visit to Journey Church this year.

Just cannot say enough about this amazing couple and these very special friends of ours.

Jesse and Missy Quiroz are top drawer people period! – Totally love em.

Frenchman’s Bluff conversation (Brenda and Missy)

Still growing.

Mid west “burt outs” “hole shots” “skid marks”…..classic.

Great father, Awesome sons.

Jesse drives and I record the wreck.

Lifelong friends the Stephans – Love these guys.

Special for me.

“Go ahead and Jump”

” Snowflakes are fragile alone, but together can shut down a city. …. You guys are a bunch of flakes”

“God loves you this much!”

My words are very short on this blog post …. but a picture IS worth a thousand words.



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