church farm, Prescott

Winter at Church Farm

I just wanted to post a couple of pics I took this morning after the frost vanished at church farm.

Thomas showed me the Alfalfa and Garlic that has started to grow.  (remember, this is January)

Alfalfa is from the Pea Family.

Garlic originates from the Onion family.

Here is an updated pic of Twila and Sophie  still in waiting to become mothers.


2 thoughts on “Winter at Church Farm

  1. Mrs. Cavendish says:

    I saw your request of bat (you know) on Brooke’s face book.No I don’t have any of that, but what I have is an acre of land doing nothing.The well needs to have some work.If I could get some help with that there would be water available for a garden.I know nothing about a garden either.But I have the land & would like to let people have plots of the acre to grow food to help themselves or families in need.I attend a different church, but that does not matter. We are all Gods children.Would you give me some pointers on how I might go abot doing this?I do not live in town.W are older and disabled but thought this would be a way we could give back.Is this public?i have never left a message like this.If you see my e-mail you can e-mail me & i can give you my number.God Bless you

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