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Every February a pastor friend of mine puts on a “wild game dinner” here in our community.

This year he ask Chuck Buck from Idaho to speak at the dinner.  Chuck is the CEO of Buck knives. What a great story he told of how the company got started.

The first Buck knife was crafted in a Kansas blacksmith’s shop by Hoyt Buck 106 years ago. Hoyt later became a preacher in the town of Mountain View, Idaho, and during the Second World War used a traditional forge and grinding wheel installed in the basement of his church to craft knives out of discarded metal files and the plastic of aircraft canopies. Delighted with the shiny plastic handles and blades that could chop bolts while holding their edge, thousands of U.S. servicemen spread Hoyt Buck’s reputation by word-of-mouth.

It was a great story and each time I get out my Buck knife I will handle it with a bit more respect.


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