church farm, Ministry, Prescott


Today we staked out the first section for our church farm.

For five years Prescott First Assembly in Prescott has given away food through our food pantry. This year, I thought why not grow our own organic produce and give it away through the ministry.

We have about four acres of vacant land that has basically just sat there for years.

When Gary Heiney a missionary friend from Venezuela told me about his orphanage and how he funds it through growing peppers it really sparked something in me.

So we start in year #1 and I am really excited to see how God can use this tool to cultivate redemptive relationships with people in our community.

Thomas is one of my mountain bike friends here in Prescott that just happens to be a genius at farming here in Arizona.


All the materials, seeds or fruit trees will be donated for this project.

We accept anything from dirt to compost to fencing to dollars and labor.

If you would like to contribute manuel labor or funds you can become a share holder in the harvest.


“When you arrive in the land where I am taking you, 19 eat the crops that you grow there”. Numbers 15:18,19 (nlt)


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