Ministry, Prescott


When you live in the Prescott National Forest , firefighters are on the top of the list when it comes to heros.

This Sunday February 22nd our church is going to honor our heros.



Here are some interesting facts about firefighters.

The first fire departments were paid by the insurance companies. If you didn’t buy insurance, they would let your house burn.

The firefighter badge of today is patterned after the famous Maltese Cross of the Knights of St. John. During the Crusades, those that battled the naphtha fires of the Saracens to save their fellow crusaders were recognized and awarded the Maltese Cross. Today, as in medieval times, this badge remains a symbol of protection and honor for those who fight fire and sacrifice their lives to save others.

The Dalmatian or “fire dog” originated in England as a carriage dog. It would run beside the carriage keeping other dogs away from the path of the horses. The Dalmatian served the same purpose for the horse-drawn fire engine of the early days.

Really looking forward to honoring these people this Sunday.

They deserve a BIG THANK YOU!


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