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I hope this blog post doesn’t bumb you out but rather motivates you.

This afternoon I almost took my cast off a month early!

I came home from the office after a long day of meetings and phone calls.

With crutches I was headed toward the front door of my house with my wife and then it happened…..The voice from the road in front of our home came toward me like a audience of cynical spectators… “what happened to you” …..did you fall off your bike?” The question was surrounded with almost a laugh from a neighbor who walks his dog past my castle everyday.

It wasn’t the first phrase that fired me up….nope, it was his second grouping of bad weather words that almost motivated me to go into my garage and get my gig saw and cut my cast off and start physical therapy tonight.

As he continued to walk by he said, “you’ll never be the same” and then he threw in a quote by Clint Eastwood we all know, “A mans got to know his limitations”. And then he was gone.

He was gone but his negative words and negative outlook on my outcome have helped me make up my mind to be back on my bike quicker than expected.

I’m not being over sensitive or unfair to this guy, I have always known him to have a negative view of life since I have known him.

I feel sorry for negative people…….but I don’t have to feel sorry for myself for having to be around them. They actually make me want to prove them wrong.

In the mean time, here are a few suggestions when you have to be around a Grinch.

1. Keep moving forward toward your goals

. movement forward generates motivation. A sense of pride in yourself will follow.

2. Separate yourself from that negative person. Don’t listen to their negativity or change the subject.

3. Set personal goals The spirit of inspiration and motivation continues by driving for results.

4. Don’t take someone else’s negativity personally. Let it roll off your back and let their negative attitude motivate you to focus more on your goals and proving the negative voice wrong.

5 Choose to fight or take flight. Most of the negative people are not going to change their outlook on life, so chose your wars wisely.

Side note #1 …..I still have my cast on….the voice of wisdom and my wife win.

Side note #2……I can’t wait to ride past Mr. Grinch’s house on my bike soon.

Thank you Mr. Grinch for the motivation 🙂




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