δίπλωµα greek word for diploma, meaning “folded paper”

This weekend our son Caleb recieved his diploma in the mail from Full Sail University.

Really proud of him for all of his accomplishments throughout the years!

I remember things like making our father son tree house in Missouri, building a toy box out of scrap wood in Cincinnati, building a trailer with his grandfather in Iowa, and the hundreds of outdoor explorations we have done together….and then watching him pack up all his belogings and moving to Orlando to follow his dream.

Here are a couple of pictures Caleb reluctantly allowed me to take yesterday of the very exspensive piece of “folded paper” before he left for Flagstaff.

He now works with Deckers Outdoor Corporation in Flagstaff Az.  in their web design department.


Just a side note:

Full Sail University is Named “School/College of the Year”

WINTER PARK, FL, July 24, 2008 – Today, in an awards ceremony in Aventura, FL, Full Sail University ( was named “School/College of the Year” by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools & Colleges (FAPSC).

One thought on “δίπλωµα greek word for diploma, meaning “folded paper”

  1. Jo Lummer says:

    He gives us so much pleasure & smiles.
    It’s been a joy to watch him mature into manhood
    as his grandparents.
    You and Bren have done a great job with your grandkids!!
    We have truly been blessed!

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