Getting used to the bike again by using a trainer.

Spinning is a great way to ride your bike without having to actually go anywhere.

Its a great way to exercise especially with music from the ipod.

Speaking of the ipod.

We all know we are living in an “I” society ….  “itunes” “iphones” “ipods”

Here are three “I” experiences I really enjoyed yesterday for a full 30 minutes.


It was great to burn off about 430 calories yesterday on the bike trainer. It is not the 1200 to 1500 hundred I was used to on a normal Mtn bike ride….but still it is better that being laid up on the couch.

 Go to

this web link will help you count calories burned during a variety of exercises.

The goal is to work up to 90 minutes on the trainer by my first physical therapy session September 9th.

After 9 weeks of virtually no real exercise it really felt great to sweat.


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