Brenda and I got spend the day with the most awesome parents on the planet today.

Awesome as parents yes…..but also just great people that you would automatically like if you met them for the first time!

Jo and Paul Lummer living it up in Scottsdale Az.

Here are just a few photos of one of the neatest places to live in the USA.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. Dad’s mountain bike that he has riddin so much that the tires are worn all the way through to the treads. 

(we have got to do something about that)


One thought on “COOL PARENTS!

  1. John Morgan says:

    Hi, Steve
    Loved the photo of Jo and Paul. We can’t wait to see them . . . and also you and Brenda. We’ll be down about the first of November. Glad your gettin’ around a little now. Of course “spinnin” isn’t really gettin’ around, but it’s getting you somewhere healthwise. God bless you. Love you guys. Don’t know how we’d enjoy life without our “extended family.
    Love, John and Wanda

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