Started the day by reading and prayer, washing three cars and cleaning out the garage.

Man things can really pile up when you can’t get to them and have the ability to put stuff away.

Over the past 9 weeks I have also really missed talking the retrievers for a walk on one of their favorite trails.

Whenever I say, “are you ready to go to the railroad?” they go crazy.

Well today Brenda, Caleb and I walked Coty and Bella ONE MILE through the Prescott National Forest.

I emphasize the ONE MILE part because that is a big deal to me right now because it means I am really feeling strength returning to the ankle. Really great to be able to walk with no cast , no crutches and no cane.

This is one of the “RAILS TO TRAILS” portions that is close to our home.

When we came back home it was time to fire up the grill and finish off the last of the salmon I brought home from Alaska …..guess its time to get back up there and catch some more dinner.

Also, it is always great to have our son Caleb home for the weekends.

He left about 30 minutes ago to go back up to flagstaff.

Labor Day was no labor at all….It was perfect!


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