Today was my first opportunity in 12 weeks to bike to work.

Prior to Mr. ankle breaking, I would commute to the office on my bike on Mondays.

I began commuting on the bike because it allowed me to accomplish many things at once.

Here is a short list of benefits:

1. I get to exercise in the same amount of time I usually spend in the suv on my way to the office.

2. Cycling to the office is a great low impact exercise that allows me to help accelerate recovery from the ankle injury.

3. Commuting on a bike takes me no longer to get to the office than driving my gas hog.

4. Speaking of gas hog… Commuting saves money on the 3.50 per gallon we are all paying now.

5. Commuting, as with any form of exercise, is therapeutic. Biking for me is a stress reliever.

 I can use the time for prayer and processing my day before and after a day in the office.

Great to be back in the Monday routine again.



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