Mountain biking, Prescott

Following Willow Creek in January


This afternoon one of the college students from our church and I decided to get a short mountain bike ride in while it was still warm enough.

Chase is going to school in Santa Cruz California and when he is in town we try to get in some time on the saddle.

The great thing about Prescott is that the creeks seem to flow for months after a good snow… So that  makes for real fun crossing them as you follow the miles of single track the Prescott National Forest offers.

This single track follows Willow Creek and is one of my absolute favorites places to ride.


Willow Creek has got some really cold water …. Flagstaff kinda cold!




Chase has my old Trek hard tail  I brought to Arzona from Missouri. He is really learning to handle it.


I think mountain biking with friends is more that just riding a bike. Its more like a new adventure and a  gift of inspiration each time you get out.



2 thoughts on “Following Willow Creek in January

    • Yes … the water is flowing really nice.
      There are still a lot of trees down so you and I need to get up there and do some clearing.
      Hey awesome Prescott Mountain Bike group on face book.

      By the way …I had Dinner Hill for dinner tonight!

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