Today I figured I burned 756 calories by shoveling snow for 90 minutes.

Check out to calculate how many calories you burn doing various activities.

Also, I thought I would post some pictures to help explain why Brenda and I love Prescott Arizona.







I think at our house we got 11 inches of snow and it kept us busy the better half of the morning.

Then afterwards we decided to just playt in it.


One thought on “SHOVELING SNOW

  1. Although it looks absolutely beautiful, I can relate to the amount of snow you had to shovel out. Did you use electric, gas-powered, or a manual shovel? Last time it snowed in my locale, I used a manual shovel that was ergonomically designed to put less strain on my back. I don’t know how many calories I burned that day, but it was more than 90 minutes as the driveway is long enough to fit about 7 cars comfortably. Glad you were able to have the energy to play in it afterwords. After I was finished, I went in, took a hot shower, and drank some cocoa.

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