I have been doing a series of teachings called the bucket list.

Two Sunday’s ago we had a father and his 9 year old son visit our church  from Missouri.

After they arrived back home, I received this message on my facebook and just had to share it with my blog you go.

“Okay, so our pastor is preaching away…River is writing away…I am so proud that he is focused on the message and taking notes…then he shows me what he has written…HE HAS MADE HIS OWN BUCKET LIST…he listed ten things he wants to do… you ought to call him and ask him to read his bucket list to you…I think it will bless you as it blessed me…Last Sunday he was listening Steve…he really was. When we got out of church at 12 pm, he commented that you were probably preaching to the early service. He is still running on Arizona time.”
April 5 at 7:55pm
I think that child is amazing.
Can he facebook his bucket list to me?
April 7 at 5:13pm
1. Prepare to meet my Maker
2. Save MORE than one person
3. Save my brother, Zion
4. Expand the human lifetime
5. to have 10 Grandkids
6. Visit alll 50 states
7. Go to another country as a missionary
8. have a family
9. Finish College
10.yet, to be determined

This list was created by River Ketcherside, all by himself last Sunday.


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