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Quotes From AZMR 09′

Here are some bullet point quotes from Mark Batterson and others at the Arizona Minister’s Renewal this past week that took place here in Preskitt..


“an extended shelf life is determined by how much you renew yourself.”

“It is easy to get “stuck”  and “faithful” mixed up.”

“Your ultimate destiny is determined by your daily disciplines.”

“Love people when they least EXPECT IT and when they least DESERVE IT.”

“The Bible is the greatest deterant to sin and the greatest accelerant to faith.”

“The office is the place where I get nothing done.”

“Change of PACE + change of PLACE = change of PERSPECTIVE.”

“As leaders we are engineering atmosphere and designing experiences.”

“Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do it to just hang in there.”

“Leadership is about those situations where you don’t know where to turn and what to do.”

“Sometimes God leads us to a place where the only place to turn is to Him.”

“When you don’t where to turn…turn to scripture.”

“Everyone wants a miracle…but we just don’t want to be put in a place that necessitates one.”

“If you are going to see something you have never seen before…you need to be in a situation you have never been in before.”

“Don’t let the arrows of criticism pierce your heart unless it first passes through the filter of scripture.” – Erwin Mcmanus

“The printing press is God’s greatest act of Grace.” – Martin Luther

“Most of the time we cannot get people to a point where they are offended by the cross, because they are so easily offended by us.”

When someone ask Sam Walton how he became an overnight success he responded; “It took 20 years to become an overnight success.”

“Contextual intelligence = success.”

Matthew 10:16 “shake the dust off” – (The dust of offense)

1. Don’t share the dust of offense

2. Don’t spread the dust of offense.

3. Don’t take on the dust of offense.

4. Don’t keep the dust on you.

“We are so prone to un-intentional blindness”

Great two days put togetherby the AZ leadership team .


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