Just sayin', Prescott

Ed-onomics and “THE BOOK”.

This blog post is about “sustainable communities”.

Sustainable communities are built on sustainable relationships.

If you are old enough, you might remember the local country store where you could be “On the tab”.
The store owner would allow you to purchase a limited amount of goods on credit based not on  your credit score but rather the relationship you had with the owner.

I love living in a town and doing business at a local vender who allows me to be “IN THE BOOK”.
Good local relationships are the best. That is called “community” and economics are so much better when the people you do business with are your friends.
If I could personally choose , I would not go for Reaganomics or Obamanomis…I would love to live in a Relational/economic society called  EDonomics .
That in part, is what we are missing on the globe. Connectable and sustainable relationships with people we do business with who you trust and who trust you. The relationship you have with someone is much more valuable than the goods you buy from them.

I just had to grab a pic of THE BOOK with my name along with other locals who are in THE BOOK.
I have faded out the dollar amounts to respect their privacy ….but I couldn’t resist posting such a cool group to be with in THE BOOK.

Edonomics rule.


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