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Sharing The Table

Tonight we begin a new venture at Prescott First Assembly called Sharing The Table.

This is a time to do church the Primal way.

By primal, I mean we are attempting to strip away the clutter of formalities we have piled up on the church for the last 2000  years. (not us personally but you know what I mean.)

Tonight’s gathering will be Acts 2:42-47 driven.




It is simple – It is primal  – and it is real.

Bring your favorite dish and come together with people to share the table and celebrate Baptism 7:00 PM

Here are the Sharing The Table dates for 2010

January 25th,  March 31st,  June 3oth,  September 29th, December 29th.

See you at the table.

Steve (lead pastor PFA)


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