I just received this email from our clothing bank volunteers and I thought I would spread the news.

“Hi Pastor,

Just wanted to give you some statistics for our food and clothing bank for 2009.  I am not sure when our yearly meeting will taking place, but this could be some
positive information for the church as to what we are doing in the community.

TOTAL VISITORS TO CLOTHING BANK:    JANUARY-DECEMBER 2009 –  267 families, each family consisted of 3 or more people within the household.  Most of  the families had 5 or more people within their household

FOOD BANK:    25 families were given food thru our bank when we began to give it out on Thursdays.  Not sure how many were given out on Sundays, I was not involved in that program

Prescott First is doing a good work for the Lord- Praise God.
Be encouraged, we are praying for you

Evelyn, Frances, Esther, Helen, Carol

These amazing ladies serve people every Thursday and they are to be thanked and appreciated.

“I needed clothes and you clothed me.” Matthew 25:36


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