Arizona, canoing, outdoors


This winter was a season to renew the blue canoe for this years water sports.

The skip plates where ordered from Oldtown Canoe company and will prevent leakage and damage from skidding on the river rocks.

This canoe is from Jasper Arkansas. The Buffalo Canoe Company builds a great boat.

My Buffalo Canoe in good company.

My friend Martin Ziebell here in Preskitt is the man.

Thanks Martin for the expertise .

Wont be long until the Verde River Canoe Challenge .

If you are interested in floating the river here is the link.

Hope to see you out on the good water.



One thought on “BLUE CANOE RENEW

  1. Jim E says:

    Nice boat! I also have an envoy, how did u put those after market cross bars on there & where/ how can I? The factory cross bars are too short! I have OEM racks & cross bars, can’t find anything to fit.

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