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My “prayer vacation” included  another priority as well as hiking the Virgin River in Zion.

One of my best outlets is discovering a new section of singletrack whenever possible.

This past weekend was pure joy when I discovered The Rockville Bench Trail, also known as Slickrock Swamp, starts in the town of Springdale (just outside of Zion National Park) and climbs onto the mesa above Rockville. This an advanced technical singletrack that features some great sandstone rock. The trail is a lariat loop, 10.5 miles in length, with a 400-vertical foot climb to the loop section of the trail. Peak altitude is 4080 feet.

When entering a new trail system I always wish that I would have a guide to show me the way.

Well, early Sunday morning  I  prayed a simple prayer. “God, it sure would be great to have an awesome mountain bike ride today…..please help me find my way.”

Has I approached the trail head I notice two other mountain bikers in front of me. I pushed hard to catch up and ask, “Hey do you guys mind if I tag behind ?” they said, “no problem.” – About half way through the 10 mile ride I found out the ride leader was Morgan Harris who actually built the Rockville Bench Trail. I guess God heard my prayer that day.

Also, I just want to put in a word for a great bike shop in Springdale.

Freddo at Zion Bikes does a great job for us out of town guys and you need to stop in to see this classic bike shop.

Also, when in Zion, don’t miss out on Oscar’s Cafe. A great breakfast or lunch after a great ride.

Great getaways are needed.

Steve Lummer

Lead Pastor Prescott First Assembly

“Come apart by yourselves into a desert place, and rest a while:” – Mark 6:31


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