Arizona, family, outdoors


Just wanted to post a few pics of our Labor day getaway to Flagstaff.

We took the pups for a hike around portions of the Arizona trail – they loved being unleashed.

There are so many portions of Arizona that still astound me with its beauty at times.

The pics cannot begin to let you feel the amazing color and hymnals of God in this place.

My son Caleb and I camped two nights @ forest service road 151 and the trail head of the Arizona trail.

Gotta love Caleb’s eye for photography.

Being so close to the Az. trail head we did not hesitate to ride a little singletrack on Monday morning.

A little story about this North Face Tent. It actually made it to the summit of Mount Everest. I guess the guy who used it almost died in it.

I love the material and the amazing economy of space this tent brings to you.

What a great weekend my son and I had catching up and having dad son connect time.  Loved it big time.

Labor day weekend 2010 was a win win situation.


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