Pastor Appreciation Month

So, because this is a month set aside to say thanks to pastor’s, I wanted to say thanks to some of the pastor’s I appreciate big time.
Pastor Henry Lummer, Pastor Ralph Hutchinson, Pastor Frank Lummer, Pastor Oscar Hamilton, Pastor Ben Leonard, Pastor Gary Denbow, Pastor Tommy Barnett, Pastor Bill Wilson, Pastor Harvey Smith, Pastor Cleddie Kieth, Pastor Hugh Rosenberg, Pastor Ron Stevens, Pastor Ron Garner, Pastor Morris Hunt, Pastor Daniel Williamson, Pastor Adam Kling, Pastor Jesse Quiroz, Pastor Leigh Metcalf, Pastor Jack Hayford, Pastor Brad Rosenberg, Pastor Doug Reed, Pastor George Mullen, Pastor Wayne Mancari, Pastor Dave Crabtree (Sr, Jr.) Pastor Charles Crabtree, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Pastor Clyde Miller, Pastor Bob Crabtree, Pastor Jim Palmer, Pastor John Palmer, Pastor Tom Trask, Pastor Ray Corlew, Pastor Steve Harris, Pastor David Blunt .
Thank you.

Steve and Brenda


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