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Many of you from Prescott and beyond our little town know our friend Angie Raess.

We have known Angie for almost eight years now and we would like to offer an opportunity to help in a time of need.


Thanksgiving: I had just said goodbye to friends and family after an amazing day of fellowship food and fun when I received a phone call from Kate Pressman.

Kate had just left our house 10 minutes prior to her phone call telling me that Angie Raess’s house was in a devastating fire Thanksgiving night.
Much damage had taken place and much of Angie’s personal belongings had been destroyed in the fire.
One thing we were all ask to pray for was Angie’s little dog Peanut who was at the Vet being treated for smoke inhalation.

Peanut at the vet on the iv for smoke inhalation.

Here is an email I received from Angie tonight giving me an update.


Night two of not having a home… I can’t sleep. I’m taking care of sick Peanut all night. Praying for a speedy insurance process and financial favor
Here’s some pics of Peanut. One is her on an IV and oxygen and the others are her trying to sleep sitting up because of the severe congestion.
There’s a photo of what looks like snow and ice but its frozen foam pouring out of the house. Also included a picture of the old furnace, the culprit. It burned into the foundation below and crawl space. It’s considered unbelievable until the landlords can fix it. Everything must be painted over, floors and foundation fixed all clothes, dishes and linens washed. It’s going to be a lot of work.

Honestly stuff is just that… stuff. You realize in an instant what’s important… your life, your pets and others around you. I’ll try to be at service tomorrow morning but keeping a close watch on Peanut, if I cannot make it let the congregation know I love them and appreciate them. Thank you Pastor from the bottom of my heart!

Warmest regards,

The floor furnace started the fire.
Here is an opportunity to give back to our friend and servant Angie.
We would like to help her in the time of her need.

Personal replacement cost will be daunting and veterinary cost can be pretty large… but if we all pitch in, we can make an immediate difference and show our compassion and love.
If you would like to donate to help here is what to do.
We will receive a love offering for Angie this Sunday morning or you may choose to send your donation to :

Prescott First Assembly Of God
1455 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, Arizona

Donations are  tax deductible.
Thank you for your compassion during the holiday season.

Steve Lummer

Lead pastor Prescott First Assembly of God



  1. jessica walczak says:

    you seem like an amazing pastor, if i lived closer i would go to your church. I’ll send my donation through the mail. my prayers and thoughts have been with angie since Kate had told me.
    God be with you and Bless you’

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