Duathlon, family, Mountain biking, outdoors


This morning my daughter Natascha and I competed in the annual Go Off Road Duathlon here in Prescott.


Dave Sewell a good friend of mine puts this event on each year and people form all over the four corners come to participate in this fun well organized adventure.

Trail Running, then Mountain Biking, then Trail Running again. It’s like a triathlon without the swimming, and done OFF ROAD!

What a great day and way to have fun with one of my best buddies in the world.

Tash did the Run part and I got to do the bike part.

We were TEAM JUMP AROUND…..Thus  the jump pics in this blog.

Jump around..Jump, jump, Jump -Jump around.

Natascha finishing strong.

Tash did great.

Team Jump Around did not podium but we did create another awesome father/daughter experience.

What a great way to invest time with one of the greatest young ladys on the planet.

Thanks Tash for sharing the fun with your pops.


Husband, father, mountain biker, adventure lover,  pastor


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