Just sayin'


I just want to say something about not saying anything at all
It is a general fact that when it comes to word budgets the average guy speaks 2,000 to 4,000 words a day and the average woman 6,000 to 8,000. Interesting that there is no law (yet) that governs how many words we are allowed to speak in a day.
What would happen if we toned down the talkativeness just for a few moments of our day?
Could it be that the lost art of the “vow of silence” could help heal the hurts we think we have to talk about everyday?
A monastery in Missouri had this inscription above the entry: “an unguarded tongue dissipates the soul”. Ummm, could “momentary vows of silence” during your day give you the power over negative attitudes and controlling thought patterns that wear us out everyday.
What could possibly be wrong with disciplining ourselves to not speak about every emotion that comes over us.

Saying nothing gives us a power to:

– Deny a voice to the things that are falling apart in your life.
– Mute the habit of rehearsing negative self feedback you talk about everyday.
– Starve out toxic words by giving yourself permission to not speak about them for a change.
– Allow a peace that passes our limited understanding to invade the space that once was reserved for turmoil, anguish and anger.

Instead of feeling like we have to always give a verbal response to everything thing and everyone, sometimes it does your soul good to just smile and nod.

Being slow to speak and slow to become angry does start a domino effect inside us. It is so true that the emotion of tiring anger is closely linked to what we speak.

Give yourself permission to have the pleasure of not speaking. – Try it for a day and see what happens when you chose to not give a voice to certain things that are wearing you out from the inside.

Taming my talk



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