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One of my most favorite times of the year is Palm Sunday.

I love the feeling of celebration and anticipation of some thing new just around the corner.

I love the sense in my spirit of new life and new beginnings.

I love the way families get together and come to worship in a church with other believers.

I love the history and tradition of a day of worship that speaks so powerfully of a loving, involved Heavenly Father in our everyday lives.

I love the way Palm Sunday helps me realize I am living in the here and now but someday I will experience the then and there ….Yes, the drumbeat of eternity become more real, more amplified more visual to me on Palm Sunday.

I love the way Palm Sunday sets me up in preparation for that epic day half the world celebrates – Yes, Easter means eternal life is possible, reachable and the gates of new life are actually mine to enjoy.

I love Palm Sunday – get up get out to a worship center somewhere and love it for yourself tomorrow.

Steve Lummer

Lead pastor PFA


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