What a great 53rd birthday….Yes, Brenda did make me red velvet cake (one of my favorites).

My son called from Flagstaff to wish me a happy birthday. – I love his sense of humor.

My daughter called me as well to wish me a happy birthday and to let me in on the news that she is going to Africa this fall. 🙂

My brother Gary called me and teased me about being old and to sing happy birthday.

My parents called to say happy birthday. They have wished me 53 happy birthdays and have been the most consistent supporters of my life.

It is such an amazing gift to hear from my family.

I heard from so many friends on twitter, face book, text messages, phone calls and cards. The birthday messages  where just overwhelming and appreciated.

I also walked all three Golden’s in the forest after Brenda and I arrived home from work and you know I did do a birthday bike ride and arrived home just before sunset.

Thank you all for the birthday greetings and  for the gift of friendship you bring to Brenda and I.

You are loved.

53 is the new 33.



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