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A friend of mine told me the other day that with “road biking you get the miles but in mountain biking you smiles”.

He was so right with that statement for the most part , except for today I got both.

Today was my first 75 mile road bike day and as I was riding toward the 75 mile goal I looked around me at the surroundings.

Wow – miles and smiles all in one ride!

Really enjoying the different kind of experience road biking brings.

Also, I’m gonna need to kick it up a notch based on the  week long Itinerary for the Ragbrai ride this summer.

Day 1 — 64.2 miles    4,946 climb
Day 2 — 65.4 miles   4,798 climb
Day 3 — 70.9 miles  1,784 climb
Day 4 — 56.1 miles    1,246 climb
Day 5 — 57.5 miles   3,294 climb
Day 6 — 75.3 miles    2,800 climb
Day 7 — 64.8 miles    2,338 climb
Total — 454.2 miles   21,206 climb

Steve Lummer

Roadie for a summer


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