24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, Mountain biking, Night Rides, outdoors


Over the past year I have done about 10% of my bike riding at night.

Some of the reasons for the night rides come down to: weather, work,  time, friends, adventure and the fact that my wifee got me a set of amazing bike lights for Christmas last year.


The Pro 1400 represents the pinnacle of bike lighting technology. Pumping out 1400 lumens.

The beginning of our night rides started with a bunch of friends doing The 24 hours in the Old Pueblo last February.


Here are a few pics of some of our night rides this past year.

Another Epic Rides pic of the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo.

A Dave Sewell Pic of the 24 hours in the OP.

A 24 in the OP pic from Epic Rides.

Middlemore out in Pioneer Park.

The 332 by Nite Rider and some Lunar help.

The 396 @ night.


Our friend Billy B goin through the tunnel trail.

Dave S ridin up the 332 from GB.

Out on the 396

Granite Basin shadows.

What a bunch of fun times with some fun friends.

Get yourself some lights and friends and take your bike out in the dark for a totally different kind of mountain bike riding.



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