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Sedona Mountain Bike Adventure

I just wanted to share a few pics of our December 2011 Sedona mountain bike adventure.Image

Sedona is one of those treasures that keeps you on a quest to discover more each time you visit.

Our group of ten started around 11:30 in the morning at the Bike and Bean in the Village of Oak Creek


The plan was to start at the “made in the shade” trailhead and get to chicken point and then back to the parking lot.

Here is a map provided by Cosmic Ray.


The actual route we ended up taking was: Made in the shade” – “Slim shady” – “HT” – “Little horse” – to Chicken point – Llama – “Little bell loop” – Bell rock loop and back to the parking lot.

The “made in the Shade/Slim shady section in one of my favorites.

Here our group stops for a photo op.


The “HT” (highway tunnel) trail travel under highway 179 and over to the Little Horse trail.


After “HT” things get a little technical and steep on the Little Horse”


No one cleaned this section but they gave it a good try.

Chicken Point is a destination and point of interest for hikers, Jeeps and mountain bikers.

The views are amazing and give you a “back country” view that most Sedona visitors don’t experience by traveling up and down the main roads and tourist shops.



Chicken Point is a playground on the hidden side of Sedona.

A couple of our braver souls attempted ti ride part of the “white line” pictured below. (double click the image with your mouse for the bigger pic)



The “white line” is not really a shelf ledge …. but rather according to Rob H. more like just a sloped part of the rock formation that is “steeper than it looks”.

Here is a youtube video of the entire “white line” by a couple of crazies.

The entire day was awesome with the exception of a mechanical small ring failure on the way back to the cars.

Looking forward to getting back to another Sedona adventure real soon.



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