Storms of life

The Weather Vane

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weather vane  – is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind .

This year two guys in my church presented Brenda and I a weather vane for pastor appreciation month.
Wow, this thing is beautiful and has a real special meaning for Brenda and I.

We have been through a real testing season in our lives .  Without getting into the details, I will just say is was a LONG LONG season of trials, test and storms.
As a couple, we prevailed long enough to come out the other side and can now look back and say wow….”we never want to do that again!” (can you relate?)
We have found out over the past five years that storms can really help you with understanding somethings.
1. They will define you.
2. They will let you know what your core values are.
3. They will help you get rid of things you don’t really need.
4. They let you know who you can count on and who are your fair weather friends.
5. 70% of people in your life will not even know or care you are going through it.  29% of people will feel like you deserve it and 1% of people in your life will actually care and have compassion on you.
Here is an amazing scripture found in Acts 27:14 that will let you know that God will bring you through the storm!

“There arose against us…Euroclydon.” Acts 27:14

Euroclydon! It’s the only storm named in Scripture. It means “typhoon,” and Paul had to sail through it to reach his destiny. Observe:

(1) To reach your goal you’ll have to go through storms. “When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved” (Acts 27:20 NIV). There will be days when you’ll wonder how you’re going to make it. But by God’s grace you will!

(2) Storms reveal how well you know God. “Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me and said, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul,'” (Acts 27:23-24 NIV). It’s the tough times that reveal the strength of your God-connection.

(3) God can make a success out of a shipwreck. Notice some important things in this story:
(a) Sometimes you’ll have to throw stuff overboard (See Acts 27:18).
(b) In spite of your best efforts you’ll occasionally run aground (See Acts 27:26).
(c) You must remember what God told you and stand on it (See Acts 27:25).

(4) Often the worst thing that could have happened turns out for the best. God used this shipwreck to reach Malta with the Gospel. And notice what happened to Paul and his traveling companions as they left that island: “They honored us…and when we were ready to sail, they furnished us with the supplies we needed” (Acts 28:10 NIV). Stop worrying, God will provide what you need in ways that amaze you. If you’re His child you’re not the victim of circumstances. Your future is not in the hands of people, it’s in the hands of God. And what He owns, He takes care of!

Every time I pull into my drive in my car or after a bike ride I will look up at that weather vane and be reminded of  this.

A PREVAILING faith + a FAITHFUL God = a TESTED and Stronger person.

My test will be my testimony.

Don’t give up on your dream.


Just a side note.

Riding my Form Prevail 29er in Sedona – Yes, I bought a bike  from FORM cycles  named “Prevail” to help me prevail through the storm.

Think what you want….. but there were many a time when I was out in the forest alone where it spoke to me and maybe kept me moving forward when everything seemed to be a confusing night mare.

Do what ever it takes.


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