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The last time I saw Pat and Leah together

This week has been a very emotional week for those who knew our friend Leah.

The first time I remember seeing Leah was at her graduation from Prescott High School in 2004 along with my daughter Natascha and many other friends Leah went to school with.

We that knew them can remember this beutiful couple together; Leah’s beautiful smile and Pat’s amazing sense of humor made the room of people laugh.

The years we have known Leah and Pat have been an amazing gift to all of us.

Church, Picnics, softball, their wedding day, serious heavy talks and fun talks filled with laughter, the dedication of their son Asher and others too many to mention here.

But one of the most meaningful and touching times I have seen Pat and Leah together was yesterday afternoon. After I had prayer with this young couple in Leah’s hospital room at Mayo Clinic,  Pat did something that I have watched him do for years as he faithfully stood by Leah in numerous hospital beds.

Pat reached into his pocket and pulled out some chap stick  and soothed his wife’s chapped lips for her….Then one last time I watched Pat lean over the wires, tubes and respirators and kiss Leah on the cheek.

I will never forget that moment. The moment of a husband caring for his wife to the very end.

“thank you for showing us what it is to stay faithful and how to love.”

You are a hero to me  Pat Mora…. I pray for you tonight sir.

Your Friend,

Pastor Steve



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