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Guest blogger Brenda Lummer



A Note from Brenda

Steve and I have been amazed to see what God has done in our lives over the years through fasting and prayer. We can only imagine what He has in store for us over the next few weeks and the year ahead, not only for our family, but for your family and our church.
One resource we have used is, Living in the Raw: Recipes for Healthy Living. The book is available in most bookstores. It has great information on food content and combinations that have sparked a lot of creative ideas about how to use fruits and vegetables.
Some people will enjoy using the book to prepare meals of raw food without cooking — you’ll find information about using the sprouting technique and food dehydrators to help make it happen. I do not use it for this, but as a way to gain information about ingredients and new food combinations. Much of the book has been useful to me (the salad dressings are interesting) and I will often modify the recipes to create a cooked version of the soups and other dishes.

I hope this guide and these recipes help you stay healthy, creative, and focused on Him throughout our 21-day fast together!

Blessings and healthy living friends.





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