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The Bumble Bee


let me give you a little knowledge about the bumble bee. Did you know that bumble Bees are not supposed to fly? According to physics, science, and the laws of aerodynamics, it is impossible for them to become airborne. Their fat bodies and little wings mean that they should never be able to leave the ground.
I guess the scientists forgot to tell the bumble bee. Or else the bumble bee didn’t pay attention in Physics class.
I love that fact because it illustrates something that we see in our world all the time: things that are supposed to be impossible happen right around
us. Little creatures that aren’t supposed to fly buzz through the air. People with dark pasts are called by God to do great things. Marriages beyond repair are restored and redeemed. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. That’s what the Bible says in Hebrews 11. One of the ways that we respond in faith to God’s grace and God’s goodness is in the area of generosity. When we sacrificially give, even in ways that don’t make sense in the eyes of the world, we’re honoring God with faith. When we listen to God’s Word and God’s voice more than we listen to the doomsday news and advice from people all around us, we’re acting in faith. I guess the bumble bee defies the laws of physics. And generosity defies the laws of selfishness. The way to have more is to give more. The way to be more blessed is to live generously.

Pastor Steve


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